Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Princess - My Everyday Light

Welcome to our 3rd Annual Salute to Rett Dads! Each day this week leading up to Father's Day, we will share a blog written by a father of a girl suffering from Rett Syndrome. Later in the week we will share a video slideshow of over 100 dads with their beautiful girls.

Just because these girls have Rett Syndrome does not mean they are not still "Daddy's Little Girl" .... times one million! To all the Rett Dads - thank you for your special role in raising these very special girls.

Other blogs this week:
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Written by Juan Diego Perez

What a blessing it is to carry your newborn child. That was my first feeling when I carried my princess Luz Viviana for the first time. I didn't know it at first but she has been my inspiration and strength from the day she was born.

My Luz has been through so much since the day she was born. From meconium aspiration, milestone delay, seizures, to the most recent having a g-tube. This little girl has taught me that there is nothing more important in this life than family. Since the day we found out Luz had Rett Syndrome, we have been closer than ever. Our love towards her has been so big that she sees it in our actions.

I knew I would be her voice. My love, support and dedication has made my princess a strong warrior. Her determination to overcome every obstacle is just amazing. Of course, there are some issues that will never go away, but she will have us here to support her in everything she needs.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for my Luz. I know she will never give up and nothing is impossible for her. Seeing her smile and tap away is enough to keep me strong and continue every single day. My Luz is the light of my heart and soul. Without her everything would be very different.

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