Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Child's Surgery was a Source of Inspiration

by Nicole Puzzo
mom to Stella (age 6) and creator of zipOns™

You never can prepare yourself enough for watching your daughter at the age of 5 1/2 years old undergo double hip surgery, hamstring, adductor and calf lengthening as well as trigger thumb release all at one time.

Creator Nicole Puzzo with business partner Joanne DiCamillo

My name is Nicole Puzzo and my daughter Stella has Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and is in a wheelchair. Through all the ups and downs that we go through with our children, watching my daughter through this healing process was an experience that I first wouldn't wish on anyone, and second only reconfirmed for me how amazingly strong our children are and how hard they fight. It is truly inspirational to be apart of their journey.

Stella's recovery lasted 10 weeks, with an 8-day hospital stay. When we came home it was very emotional for all of us to be there to help Stella through this period. There were many sleepless nights and long days. However, I have to say with each day that passed, like most things, it got better and better.

Stella was stronger, healing and finding her smile again. What I found so interesting throughout the process was when I asked doctors what I would use for clothing for Stella during her recovery (because she had two casts and a bar to hold her hips in place) they didn't have an answer for me. They told me to use dresses and nightgowns but she was unable to wear underwear so although a solution, she was still feeling exposed. Needless to say with any recovery, we had a big support system and many visitors.

To provide Stella some privacy, I came up with pants that opened all the way up on each side. I took a pair of pajama bottoms apart and added velcro to the sides so they could be taken on and off without going over her casts. This was a game changer for Stella! She was more comfortable and she started to feel a little bit more like herself again. Once I saw her light shining again, I knew that other children would benefit from having these if they ever had any type of surgery or injury involving their legs.

Lucky for us, my friend was on board with helping me facilitate getting this product out to so many families. We are so thrilled to offer a product that will hopefully bring a little light back into everyone's recovery during such a trying time.

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