Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Rett Girl Holiday Gift Guide

The wait is over!! RettGirl.org's 6th Annual Holiday Gift Guide is here!

Each year, since 2009, we have scoured online to find products we hope that special Rett Girl in your life will love! We are Rett parents, too, and know how hard it can be to shop for our girls.  Please pass this guide on to friends and family who are searching for that perfect gift for our girls!!

This year we continue the gift giving philosophy from year's past: "Something to wear, something to read, something you want and something you need." 

Plus, we have "group gift" ideas that can come from mom and dad, aunts and uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas or anyone pitching in together! And of course we didn't forget those stocking stuffers!!!  

Many of these products can be found in Amazon Smile's new charitable site! We have linked them there to make it easy for you! If you designate Girl Power 2 Cure as your charity when you purchase through Amazon Smile, Girl Power 2 Cure will receive .05% of the proceeds.

Something to Wear:

EarTunes Hat:  Keep your Rett Girl warm but keep her happy with the built-in ear buds in this great hat! 

Kids Infinity Scarf: These scarves are GREAT! They're cute, stylish, keep your Rett Girl toasty warm AND keep the drool at bay! 

Weighted Lap Pad:  Super cute and perfect for a little sensory input.

Children's Wireless Headphones:  These are designed to fit smaller heads and they're wireless!  Plus they come in lots of cute colors!

Compression Socks:  Great for our girls with poor circulation.  

Something to Read:  

Personalized Books: You can personalize these books for your Rett Girl!  There are lots of different titles to choose from so you're sure to find a story that's perfect for her.  

DC Super Hero's: My First Book of Girl Power:    If there ever was a perfect book for your Rett Girl THIS would be it!  A celebration of girl power for budding super heroines featuring DC characters from Wonder Woman to Batgirl.  

Just Because: This is a beautiful book written from the point of view of a little brother who loves his big sister so much, just because.  "My big sister Clemmie is my best friend. She can’t walk, talk, move around much, cook macaroni, pilot a plane, juggle or do algebra. I don’t know why she doesn’t do these things. Just because."

One More Story:  A Beautiful online library of the best of classic and contemporary children’s literature. The site makes books accessible to pre-readers and early readers so that they can engage in and enjoy literature. Add a switch and your Rett Girl can turn the pages!

Something You Want:  

Flower Power Personalized Wall Decal:  Give your Rett Girl a little flower power for her room with this beautiful, personalized Wall Decal!

Trampoline:  If you don't think your Rett Girl can use a trampoline, think again, she may just need a little help!  Fun and great exercise too!

Pink Water Speakers:  Multicolored lights illuminate jets of water that "dance" to the beat and volume of your music! What could be cooler?

Smart Phone Projector:  Pop your smartphone into this handy projector and unleash the potential of your cramped screen by projecting it onto a wall! 

Symphony in B Music Toy:  13 different instruments, each with their own sound - your Rett Girl controls the symphony!  

Spin and Learn Color Carousel: Great cause and effect toy with a big giant button!  Great for our younger Rett Girls!  

B. Woofer Guitar:  Easy to access with lots of different musical options! Another great choice for our younger Rett Girls!

Shake and Sounds Learning Pup:  Another cause and effect toy!  Shake the bone and the pup responds.

Vibrating Pillow:  Colorful, lightweight and fun shapes make these vibrating pillows perfect for sensory input.

Fleece Collage Photo Blanket:  Snuggle your Rett Girl up in a blanket that will keep her engaged looking at all her favorite pictures! 

Something You Need:  

Spa Diffuser:  Add a couple drops of your Rett Girl's favorite essential oil, or an oil that helps her sleep and let it diffuse into the air for hours.    


Zipit Bedding:  This fantastic zip-up bedding prevents the covers from being kicked off at night!

Novaform Roll Out Lounger:  2" thick memory foam that rolls out into twin size bed.  Includes a washable cover!

Groovy Globe Nightlight:  Who doesn't need a nightlight?  Especially one this cool!  

Stocking Stuffers:  

* $10 of purchase will be donated to GP2C through this link. Purchase on 12/2 and $20 will be donated!

Chewy Tubes

My ID Squares

Toy Adapter

Burts Bees Lotion for Circulation

Girl Power Vinyl Decals


Group Gifts or Splurges!

Remote-Controlled Ride On:  Let your Rett Girl ride in style while YOU have the controls! 

Switchamajig for the iPad: Control your world with your iPad! The Switchamajig Controller lets you use the iPad’s touch screen to control anything that’s switch-adapted. It opens up new possibilities for including people with disabilities in more and more activities, from cooking to chemistry class. Unlock your iPad’s potential!

Tobii Eye Mobile:  Give your Rett Girl the gift of portable communication with the Tobii Eye Mobile!

Make Memories!

Instead of just piling up the toys and clothes this year why not make some memories instead?  Here are a few blog posts to visit with great, non-toy, memory-making ideas!

18 Non-Toy Gifts for Children:  This has a great list with classes and memberships and some other creative ideas.  

The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas:  This is a very long list of some great ideas including Learning tools and family experiences.  Of course not ALL these ideas will be suitable for our Rett Girls, but some of them are!  

Last but not least:

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