Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Father's Day Blog Series

For the week leading up to Father's Day, some very special Rett Dads have shared their stories with us. Here is a complete list of our eight guest blogs for Father's Day 2013 plus our Tribute Video.

Matt Greenlaw, Teagan's dad - "A Really Real Hug"
Chris Langan, Ilah's dad - "My Little Sweet Pea"
David Bousson, Leah's dad - "Bear Hugs, Headphones, Dora... and more Dora"
Ed Samaro, Kaitlyn's dad - "Ed and Kaitlyn's Special Bond"
Wally Trester, Courtney's dad - "Looking at the Bright Side"
Mike Prask, Zoe's dad - "Zoe Knows Best"
Will Rabke, Anna Cate's dad - "Our New Family Values"
Tony Shober, Ysabel's dad - "Finding the Windows"

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