Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nosey Cup

Good Day Rettgirls,

We have a new listing over at and are super excited about it.. It is called the Pink Flexi Nosey Cup(also available in blue.)

We discovered this cup during a visit to our daughters school. We had sent along a sippy cup and had assumed they had been using that.On this day we visited during speech therapy and our girl was drinking from this cup. I was floored! We were so happy you would of thought she had won a pageant instead of just acquiring the skill to drink from a cup.
Your child sips or drinks from the Nosey from the tall end. Because of the cut out the cup doesn't hit her nose or face. Therefore the liquid can get to her mouth before the cup hits her forehead. Yeah! Why didn't we think of that?

Help your child learn drinking skills with this flexible 1 oz. cup.( Also comes in a larger size.) Children with limited head extension, poor lip closure, and swallowing difficulty benefit from the cup’s flexibility. Unlike other cut cups, these Pink and Blue cups can be gently “squeezed” to change the shape of the cup lip. You can see the liquid through the translucent plastic all the way to your child's mouth. Reduces the risk associated with regular cups because you control the flow.

You can find the Pink Nosey Cup,among many other items, in our Product Review section under Feeding.

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