Monday, August 9, 2010


Good day Rettgirl families!
With school starting soon we wanted to tell you about something exciting we have on!
In our Product Review section of we have a Communication tab with wonderful ways parents are communicating with their girls.
We want to tell you about the Step by Step Communicator. This is a wonderful way to send messages back and forth between school and home. Instead of having to write notes to and from the teacher, your daughter can tell you herself by manipulating the button.

We have one Rettmom who reports that when her daughter stares at the button it is pressed for her. Her excitement when she gets to participate in circle time sends her into squealing giggles. When she returns home she can tell her family about her day. The best part of the day many report.
One Mom says, "We send this back and forth each day to preschool with messages recorded on it to promote conversation skills both at home and at school. It is very easy to use, almost no training needed for the teachers/aides to use this item. I highly recommend it!"

This button has 3 levels and can hold up to 75 messages. You can record outgoing on level 1. Incoming on level 2. 3 can be used any way you like. We know one family that uses this level for the alphabet,sing alongs,and turn taking. Mix it up any way you like.
We have included a video of one of our very own girls using the device at 5 years old after a day at preschool.

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