Sunday, August 15, 2010

Arm Braces

Happy August everyone,

Here at Rettgirl we are working overtime to get the best ideas for home and school out to you as the back to school season is upon us!
We wanted to talk to you this week about the Arm Braces listed in our Product Review Section under Positioning. We are sure many of you know about them but for those of you who don't they can be an incredible tool.
The lady who makes these braces is the grandmother of a Rettgirl and many girls are using them all over the country.
Kelly says,"These work great with our daughter, although she is NOT a hand mouther. We use them to keep her left arm stable/still so that she has better control of her right arm – for using switches at home and at school."
This bloggers daughter is an extreme hand mouther and arm braces help her function better at home and at school. We use them at home for computer time and when her little hands just need a break. She is still able to use her hands. At school it keeps her on task. She can't hit a button or switch if both hands are wringing and or in her mouth.
Uses from the manufacturer are described as:

Prevents self injury or
involuntary self abuse

Facilitates medical treatment
by restricting elbow
movement to prevent
scratching of the face or eyes

Helps to keep hands away
from mouth and face

Promotes intentional hand
use by disrupting involuntary
hand movements

If you have been hesitant about trying them we would urge you to give them a shot. They really are worth it!


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