Monday, August 2, 2010

The heat is on! Cooling Neck Wraps


Most of our girls have trouble with tempature regulation. This Neck wrap is amazing and is the perfect must have for summer! By simply placing the neck wrap in clean water for approximately 5 minutes and allowing the crystals to expand, it produces an evaporative cooling system for the user when placed around the neck.
The Neck Buddy Body Cooling Neck Wrap lowers the body temperature by cooling the carotid arteries in the neck. The material may become warm against the skin but by simply rotating the wrap, the cooling effect is rejuvenated immediately! It will stay cold ALL day long! Great for the overheated stressed out parent too!
We have found this item most beneficial for those summer days filled with outdoor therapies such as bike riding and Hippotherapy.
Families report taking a few on camping trips and picnics to beat the heat for the overheated kiddo.
You can find a link to this wonderful product among many other great tips via the Other tab under Product Reviews.
Do you have a great summer item you are using with your child? We'd love to hear it!

Stay Cool!


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