Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rett We Can!

She can't do this. She can't do that... It can be a real downer for Rett Girls every day. But... only if we let it be that way.

Last year to kick off the New Year with an empowering attitude, Girl Power 2 Cure and RettGirl launched a new YouTube channel called RETT WE CAN!

Here is why we created this channel for any of you that are not yet aware of it:

* to share the "Rett" experience by showing the things Rett Girls CAN DO
* to put an empowering, positive, human face to Rett Girls
* to have a place to send therapists, family members, volunteers, and donors to see Rett Girls staying strong
* to have all the great YouTube videos ORGANIZED by category*
* to get inspired
* to explore different things to work towards with Rett Girls
* to educate others about Rett Syndrome

If you have a YouTube video you would like us to include, please send us the link! (post a link on Rett Girl's facebook page or email Terri at If you can't get your videos on YouTube, send them to Terri and she will get them put on for you!

Please know that there will be a wide spectrum of girls featured on the RETT WE CAN. Not all girls will be able to everything here. For instance, I know my Sarah probably will never water ski like Jade, but others just might!

The point is to always reach FORWARD. Always explore and challenge and keep Rett Girls active. All of us have a role to help bring these girls to their full potential. Each girl's potential will be different, but we want to make sure everyone stays inspired to believe...and have the tools to inspire everyone who lives or works with a Rett Girl.

Check it out now at!

And remember to share with your daughter's school team , therapists, physicians and your family!


* Our current categories include: Walking, Hand Function, Eye Gaze, Communication and Expression, Sports and Adventure, Therapies.

Examples of the videos we have in each category:

Walking: Olivia Walking

Hand Function: Jess Uses Touch Screen

Eye Gaze: Colors with Brooklyn

Communication and Expression: Storytime with Abby

Sports and Adventure: Daphni Jo Swimming

Therapies: Bella Manipulates Pool

NOTE: When you visit the site and see the category listings, click on one...then you will see all the videos under that category.

Remember to send us suggestions and even category recommendations!

We want you all to be a part of making RETT WE CAN a great resource!

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