Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Marvelous Media Category!

Good Day RettGirls!

This week at we are featuring our Media tab under our Product Reviews.

There is so much to find here that can help you and your girls. Teachers and caregivers have all used our media category to teach themselves a little more about our girls and what works for them.

What can you find here? Let's take a look.


-We have online books, Children's Books, Education in Rett Syndrome books, Nutrition, Care and more ...

Music-Personalized CDs. GirlPower2Cure CD; controllers, RettComposers, devices ...

COOL ALERT! It's a large-button controller to control songs on an iPod!

Software-Free software sites, Recommendations, Sites for Teachers and Speech Pathologists ...

Video-Websites, Devices, Video suggestions, Educational videos, ASL ...

Websites-Disability resources, Government offices, Product resources, App reviews, Software sites, Free Educational Programs for the classroom sites, and much much more ...

We are always learning and growing for you here at If you have suggestions or anything to add to what you find at RettGirl, we would love to add and share with all of our families living with Rett Syndrome.

We hope you find something here that can help!

And please feel free to share with your schools. My daughter's teacher has bookmarked and uses ideas from here for her entire classroom!

Have a great week,

Terri V-for RettGirl

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