Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School!

Good Day Rett Girls!

With the new school year quickly approaching we want to remind everyone about our School Stuff category at!

As the new year starts I know we are all anxious about new school, new teachers, aides and IEP's.

Our School Stuff category is a place for everyone to use as a resource ... an abundance of information is just a few clicks away. Our resources are gathered from people all over the country. We welcome your additions, too!

Here is the place where you and your daughter's team can find information on books, websites, resource papers, software and links about Education and Rett Syndrome! Tons of stuff here that really goes into how a RettGirl learns. You will find invaluable information on:

Apraxia and how a RettGirl's brain works with her body
Eye gaze
How to ask
How to respond
Lack of Consistency does not mean lack of intelligence
Therapy Tips
Equipment and software that works

We have invaluable papers we urge you to go over with with your child's team.
Linda Burkhart's- Multimodal Communication Strategies for Children Who Have Rett Syndrome

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