Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sensory Hammock

Good day RettGirls!

This week at we are featuring the Sensory Hammock. This awesome comforting item can be found under Sensory in our Product Reviews.

I have a friend who's own RettGirl has this and she describes it like being able to hand her child over to a favorite Aunt or Grandma. When her daughter is anxious or needing comfort or is just in overload she puts her a pillow in the hammock and the result is instant. I have seen her calm right down and even fall asleep once or twice.

Her favorite is to put her in it with a cushioned laptray and her iPod and let her have,"chill out time" as she calls it.

Another RettGirl mom says, "The hammock was an early part of our Physical Therapy program. This item is great for our girls with sensory issues. She did not just sit in it; we were swinging her fast, slow, up high, down low – all sorts of fun!"


From the company website:

Unique qualities allow the net to stretch to fit any child and can be used in a prone or sitting position, cradles and puts pressure on the child's sides so they feel safe and secure, gives total body support and even pressure.


Do you have a sensory product that is working for your RettGirl? Please lets us know about it!

Have a great week and Good luck!

Terri V~ For RettGirl

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