Monday, November 8, 2010

HeadMouse® Extreme

Good Day RettGirls!

This week at we are featuring the HeadMouse® Extreme. This awesome little device can be found under Communication in our Product Reviews.

Over the last few years we have heard some amazing stories about this communication device.

Since we all know that our girls communicate best through eye gaze the HeadMouse® Extreme is a wonderful tool designed for just that.

A few years ago I had a mother tell me that she brought her then 9 year old daughter into school and her Speech Pathologist was waiting. He had a surprise for her daughter. At the end of his index finger was a dot about the size of a paper punch out. She watched in confusion as he sat her girl down and stuck the little red dot right between her daughters eyes and sat her in front of the computer.

Within minutes her daughter was listening to a story and she watched as she followed the words on the page. I can remember her saying that her legs almost went out from underneath her when she heard the computer say," Turn the page" when it got to the end of the page in the story. The computer was reacting to her girl, not giving a command.

I had another Mom tell me that she tried the device at a conference that another Rettmom was showing off. They put the little dot between her girls eyes and went to colors. They asked the then 3 year old what her favorite color was and she immediately picked pink! Amazing!

How does it work?

HeadMouse® Extreme replaces the standard computer mouse for people who cannot use or have limited use of their hands when controlling a computer or augmentative communication device. The HeadMouse translates natural movements of a user's head into directly proportional movements of the computer mouse pointer. The HeadMouse has a wireless optical sensor which tracks a tiny disposable target that is conveniently placed on the users forehead, glasses, hat, etc. It works just like a computer mouse, with the mouse pointer being moved by the motion of the users head.

The HeadMouse will track the user's head with the user located in any comfortable viewing position relative to the computer display. Resolution of the HeadMouse is precise to allow a user to control the mouse pointer down to the minimum, pixel perfect, resolution of the computer display. This precision allows a user to perform such tasks as drawing, gaming, graphics work and Computer Aided Design (CAD).

HeadMouse Extreme connects to the computer or augmentative communication device through a USB port and operates using standard mouse drivers. No special software required. The HeadMouse is powered by the host device, over the USB connection. The integrated electronic tilt sensor automatically adapts to even the most unusual mounting requirements.

Selections can be performed using a variety of adaptive switches, including Origin Instruments Sip/Puff Switch and mouse button software, such as Dragger™. Using Dragger mouse clicks are performed by positioning the pointer and dwelling for a selectable period of time. HeadMouse Extreme also comes with a built-in infrared receiver that provides optional wireless connections for adaptive switches. Beam™ is available for wireless transfer of adaptive switch inputs from a wheelchair to the integrated receiver.

At $ 995.00 we believe this is an incredible device for home and school. Especially considering that most eye gaze equipment runs anywhere from $5,000 to over $20,000.
Have an incredible week!
Terri V-For RettGirl

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