Monday, November 15, 2010

Diaper Doublers!

Good Day RettGirls!

This week at we are featuring the Tranquility TopLiner Mini Booster Pad Small Diaper Inserts or Diaper Doublers as we call them. These Diaper Doublers can be found in our Bath/Toileting category under Product Reviews. Online these are reffered to as booster inserts,diaper doublers and diaper inserts. The brand we are reviewing here is the Tranquility.

We know that incontinence is something most if not all of our girls deal with and we wanted to share this wonderful way to make diapering a little more efficient.
We have all tried the Maxi Pad, Overnight Maxi's and smaller diapers as inserts for our girls...especially at night. I know at least one Mom who has spent big bucks trying to find something that will absorb more without bunching up, coming apart or sticking to her daughter. Not a fun thing in the AM.

I had another RettMom...such experts.. send me the link to the Diaper Doublers we have on I was skeptical so I went to the lab. The lab being the living room floor, 2 diapers a Maxi pad, a Diaper Doubler and a couple of cups of water.

I slowly poured 6 oz of warm water over the length of each pad and diaper and waited about a minute. The diaper with the Maxi Pad was squishy and overflowing to the touch. The Tranquility pad produced no liquid and had slightly expanded. When I removed each pad the Maxi ripped and fell apart. The Tranquility pad came right up and the diaper underneath was dry. Yes dry. So I put the pad back in the diaper and poured 4 more ounces of water into it. After a minute or so I lifted the Doubler up and saw that it did truly absorb the first 8 oz or so and when full the remainder went into the diaper. I again removed the pad and there was still no tearing or coming apart. The search was over! This was the small pad. They come in 3 absorbency levels! Woo hoo!

My daughter has a pack they use at school and they put one in after her lunchtime spare her that embarrassment to overflowing on the playground. Which did happen once. My girls was inconsolable and I had to go pick her up. It hasn't happened since.

I use them with her at night and I have to say that if we have a leak it's because the diaper itself was not put on right or she had had a little extra Miralax on her belly ;)

Happy Diapering!

Terri V-For RettGirl

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