Monday, October 4, 2010

Special Tomato EIO Pushchair

Happy Monday once again RettGirls!

Today we are talking mobility! We want to introduce you to the Special Tomato EIO Pushchair. An all purpose chair that will support your girl for up to 90 lbs!

We know many of you are looking for an all purpose stroller that is versatile and comfortable. You can find this Pushchair located under our Mobility category at

The Special Tomato® EIO Push Chair is the best of both worlds…a special needs stroller that provides mild to moderate positioning support AND a light-weight stroller that provides all of the bells and whistles that make it easier for the caregiver on the go!

Standard features include:
•Padded seat and back laterals
•Padded head pillow
•Recline available through angle adjustable back rest (25º ~ 75º from full upright)

At $449.95 you will find that this chair is almost half the price of other chairs without all the standard features.

We take this chair with us everywhere. It is awesome for siblings sporting events with it's all terrain wheels. We take it to church and family events as it easily reclines for feedings and diaper changes. I personally hear, "Where did you get that chair?" at every Rett Event we attend.

A big plus is that you can use the Special Tomato liners and sitters with this chair for extra support in the classroom and for long days on the go!

Check out this awesome product and many many more under our Product Reviews and Mobility Categories at!

Terri V- For RettGirl


  1. One of the little girls I take care of has Spina Bifida. She has this stroller and I would recommend it to anyone. The push handle is easily adjusted to the correct height of the person pushing. The front wheels come off with a push of the button, for people that have small car trunks. It is light weight and easy to push. I love it!!!

  2. Hi,
    I am from India and we do not get any of these products here for my special needs child (4 year old boy with no trunk/neck control suffering from IS since birth). Recently we got a MacLaren Major elite shipped from Singapore and found it totally useless for our use. Could you please help me with the following queries.

    1. Can I use Special Tomato EIO for a child with no neck/trunk control?
    2. Can I use it till he's like 44-46" tall (for another two-three years that is. At the moment he's 38" tall). I do not see any issue with the weight as it supports till 90 lbs.

    Much appreciate your reply.

    Ajith, Bangalore