Monday, October 18, 2010

Bear Hug Vest

Good Day RettGirls!

Let's talk Sensory!

This week we want to tell you about the Bear Hug Vest we have listed at in our Sensory Category.

A few months ago I had my daughter in outside PT at a local children's hospital. We were having a hard time with getting her to do anything outside of home. At home she will wobble walk and participate in Pt type activities but outside she just seemed to want to hand mouth and tremor.
After weeks of frustration from not getting my girl to walk and watching her stop and tremor in doorways or pattern changes in the floor her PT had some sort of epiphany.

Within seconds of standing her up and putting the Bear Hug vest on my daughter she was all but running through the room. We sat there in awe as we didn't have to hold her hand and she just cruised from room to room,without the tremor pause and complete freeze and lock of her whole body at thresholds and doorways.

I ordered the vest that night. We use it at home when she is up cruising and dancing in front of the TV. We use it on walks around the neighborhood. I have found I am less exhausted after an outside walk with her because I am just holding her hand and not wrestling with her entire body to keep her from falling the whole time.

My daughter suffers from extremely low body awareness experiences vertigo because of it. A no center of gravity type experience for her. A terrible thing for someone who wants to be moving constantly.

We have also used the vest on days that she is doing her lean while sitting. She has scoliosis and always wants to lean to the right when sitting. We like to use the Bear Hug because it keeps her upright without the rigidity of other types of vests.

I have included a demonstration of the vest with my own RettGirl taken just last night. I think you can see the difference immediately in her self confidence.

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