Monday, December 13, 2010


Good day RettGirls!

Oh Man It's cold outside...for most of us... :0)

This week's featured product is the "As Seen On TV" Snuggie. We have this product listed on RettGirl under our Tips and our Holiday Guide.

We received a Disney Princess Snuggie for our daughter's birthday and soon learned that it could be used for much more than just cuddle time.

We lay it on the floor for floor time and watch her scoot her little self around the Snuggie so she can look at all the designs and kiss the characters. She is now doing 360's on the floor!

Our biggest discovery is that we can use it as a wheelchair blanket for about one-fourth the price we are finding wheelchair blankets for online. Love it when that happens!

This morning the windchill was -1 degrees. We placed the Snuggie on top of her transport chair and the chair over the heating vent in the kitchen. Everything was getting nice and toasty while we got her ready for school.

Within 10 minutes we were able to put her in her gear and wait at the door for the bus. She had her winter jacket, stocking cap and Snuggie on. We wrap and tuck the sleeves around her hands because we gave up on mittens a long time ago. She really does behave as if she is on a clock to see how fast she can get them off after we put them on. No worries with the Snuggie.

There was no playing of the Brr Brr shiver game and she clapped and sang all the way to the bus!

Highly recommended!

Good Luck!

TerriV-For RettGirl!

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  1. Terri, On the snuggie website there is adult camo snuggie with weather resistant liner. Has anyone checked if these could be made for kiddo's? Especially ones in wheelchairs...hmmm
    Xayia's Meme