Monday, September 20, 2010

Wrist and Ankle Weights!

Good Day RettGirls!

We want to tell you about these wrist and ankle weights we have found for your girls from Therapy Threads! You can find them in our Sensory and Therapy Categories at
In the past, a couple of us had ordered weights for our girls for therapy through other companies and found that we just were not happy with them. After ordering a few weighted blankets from Therapy Threads, we started exploring the site and came upon these weights. In comparison to other weights in cost and sizes, these are the best we have found.

We have some moms that use them everyday by switching between putting them on the wrists or the ankles ever other day. I think they give tons of sensory input to my own girl and I can honestly say they have reduced her hand flapping and now I can actually feel tone in her calves.

For the ambulatory girls you can just put them on her wrists or ankles and off she goes. I recommend about 20 minutes. She doesn't even seem to notice them and still gets a work out.
For our girls who are not mobile they can still be put on the wrists and she will get her workout by just having them there and with the back and forth movement she naturally does with her arms and hands. When you put them on her ankles you or your PT can still do her regular leg and PT work outs with added sensory and strengthening.

I brought them to a hospital PT session and the staff there was amazed by them and stopped using their own with my girl when she was there. No kidding!

The lady who runs and owns the company is a Special Needs Mommy herself and wonderful to work with.

Good luck!

Terri V-For Rettgirl

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