Monday, September 13, 2010

Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs

Hello RettGirls!
We are so excited about all they new things we have up at We have been all about education lately and PROVING to everyone that are girls are in there and more than capable of learning. They just need a little more help than the Neurotypical Child.
With this in mind we have found a wonderful website we are very excited about. It is called, "Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs."
We didn't stumble on this site by accident. The person who runs it is very good about keeping up with special children and have offered advice to some of us when we were having education, communicative and many other issues related to schooling our daughters.
I have spent hours on their site taking notes and sending links to others. Just some of what you will find at this one website:
60 Things to Do with a Switch
AAC Dynamic Display Devices
AAC Funding
AAC Increases Verbal Language
AAC Programming and Tech Support
AAC Resources and Products
AAC Static Display Boards for Purchase
AAC Text-to-Speech
Activity Sharing
Alternate Format Books and Stories
Calculator Options
Email for Everyone
Fabulous Freebies
Free and Low Cost Head and Eye Tracking
Free Boardmaker Boards, Activities and Tutorials
Free Online Activities
Free Software
iPod App Round Up
Online Switch Activities
Paraprofessional Resources
Photo and Picture Symbols
Reading Websites
Seizures in the Special Needs Classroom
Signs and Symbols
Software for Special Needs
Special Education
Special Needs Scissors
What an incredible resource. You can find this and much much more at your fingertips at

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  1. Thank you for linking to my blog. There are no "people" running it, just me. Rett girls have always held a special place in my heart and right now I am very privileged to have an amazing, bright and resourceful young lady in my class who has Rett. She is something, my Rett Girl! I do adore being her teacher. Please let me know if there is any thing I can do to support your new site. Kate Ahern