Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Siblings in the Spotlight!

We love our Rett siblings! Today, we'd like to introduce you to Ayden, brother to Rett Girl, Quinn!

  1. What's your name?   Ayden
  2. How old are you?   8 years old
  3. How old is Quinn?  4 years old
  4. What grade are you in?  3rd
  5. What's your favorite subject in school?
    That's a hard question, I would say science or math.
  6. What do you want to be when you grow up?  pharmaceutical scientist

  7. Do you feel like your life is a lot different from your friends? yes
    Good way?  I get to learn more about Rett Syndrome
    Bad way?  Sometimes it's hard to have a wheelchair dependent and nonverbal person
  8. Your parents probably have to spend a lot of extra time with Quinn (doctor appts, and hospitals) do you get jealous, or how does it make you feel?It makes me feel happy because she is getting the care she needs, and I'm getting the care I need. I never get jealous.
  9. Can you explain (in your words) what Rett Syndrome means to you?A regular girl that is nonverbal and can't walk. There is nothing wrong with her, just something going on inside her.
  10. If you could cure Rett Syndrome by giving up something, what would you give up?I would give up my laptop and all my toys
  11. If you could ask Quinn one question right now, from you, what would you ask?2 questions:
    Are you happy we are doing all these donations for you to find a cure?
    Do you feel happy? 

  12. Do you participate in any fundraising for Rett Syndrome you would like to tell everyone about?Yes, Racing for Rett.  It is a 5K, that we donate money to research for Rett Syndrome.
  13. Can you tell me a sad or frustrating time you experienced with Rett Syndrome?When sissy was in the hospital and had to go to the  PICU.
  14. What about a positive experience?When she giggles
  15. Do you like talking to people about Quinn and explaining Rett Syndrome?Yes, like my friends and classmates
  16. What is your favorite thing to do?
    play with my sister and play baseball
  17. What's your favorite thing to do with your friends?  play Minecraft
  18. Do you have a favorite sport?  baseball
  19. What is your favorite thing to do with Quinn?
    roll around on the floor and make her laugh
  20. What would you like everyone to know about Quinn?She understands you but she is just cannot speak back.
  21. Last question, what is one thing that not many people know about you?Nothing
Thanks Ayden!! Keep being AWESOME!      

Attention Rett Siblings:

If you would like to share with us, please answer the above questions and email

If you would be interested in emailing or writing letters to other kids around your age with siblings with Rett Syndrome and getting to know some other kids like you, please let us know! We would love to help you make new friends and maybe you can help each other with all kinds of different things! Email

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