Monday, September 30, 2013

Team Spirit!

Feeling disconnected with the people working with your daughter? Want them to feel more comfortable around you? Need something besides cookies to bring to an IEP meeting to get things off to a good start? Looking for something to give out for Rett Syndrome Awareness Month this October?


Yes. Buttons. We've see it work first-hand. We've got them in our store and will customize them for you!

Give a team button to everyone who attends your daughter's IEP meeting - and then give out more. The therapists, the special ed teacher, the aides, the school nurse, the bus driver, the principal, the school guidance counselor.

Bringing on that team spirit will give you a better chance at team work. The buttons will remind them they are all part of a team that should be looking for wins, looking to grow, looking to be strong, and looking to have good sportsmanship.

It takes just one to pin the button to their purse, lanyard or bulletin board - then you have the beginnings of pride and a sense of belonging.

Try it and let us know what you find out. Give us your ideas. We are rooting for YOUR TEAM!!!

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