Thursday, March 21, 2013


It's time to fill Easter baskets again!  Don't worry, we've got LOTS of ideas for you!  And for an added bonus we've got some great new gluten free recipes for your Easter Brunch!

Easter Basket Goodies:
  • Check out the Natural Candy Store where you can get all sorts of candy for any type of allergy, all with nothing artificial!  It's not "healthy" but everyone deserves a treat!   

  •  Vitacost is also a great website to check out for healthier, allergy-friendly snacks that you can use to fill up those Easter baskets as well.   
  •  What about a theme basket?  Is your Rett Girl on an adaptive baseball team?  What about a mit and bat?  Does your Rett Girl ride horses?  What about filling her basket with all things horses and by a special helmet that she can take to therapy?  Dress up themed baskets and movie themed baskets would also be fun!
  •  What about trying something new?  Has your Rett Girl ever been fishing?  If not maybe this spring/ summer is the time to take her.  Fill her basket with a cute fishing pole, tackle box and a card telling her she gets her very own fishing trip.  Or what if this is the year for her very first sleep over - either with a friend, a sibling, a special aunt or mom and dad!  You could fill her basket with new PJs, a movie, snacks, slippers, maybe even a sleeping bag or a blanket and a card telling her she has won a slumber party!
  •  What Rett Girl doesn't love her ipad?  What about filling her basket with itunes gift cards, a switchamajig so she can use a switch with her ipad, and a switch or a special pillow/holder for her ipad like this Peeramid. 

FUN BASKET PROJECT:  Grow REAL grass in your baskets this year! It you buy wheat-grass seeds, they only take about 5 days to grow a few inches, so you have plenty of time!

Now for the Brunch!  

    • Breakfast Muffins:  These are so easy to make, kids love them and they're completely customizable, you can use every one's favorite add ins!  

Happy Easter Everyone!

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  1. We're doing maple candy from you can get it in small pieces and it melts in the mouth. A little of their honey or maple syrup also makes any fruit puree a big hit with our Rett girl.