Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New School Ideas!

The New Year is a great time to make resolutions, turn over a new leaf, and take a fresh look at your Rett Girl's school situation.  Bring out that IEP, check out those goals - make new ones if needed and update goals that have been met.  Remember, you, as the parent, can call an IEP meeting whenever you feel one is needed.  Maybe all is well with your Rett Girl's IEP, but you are just looking for some fresh ideas. Well, we can help with that!  Here are some resources you may not know about
Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr.

This is a fantastic website and app that brings an animated curriculum to students at all levels.  It meets Common Core Standards and offers both an introduction to new topics as well as a more in depth look into more advanced concepts.  Brain Pop Jr. is perfect for preK through 3rd. grade learners where as Brain Pop is for grade 4 and up.  Brain Pop Jr. has easy to understand, animated short films that are perfect for explaining different concepts and the Brain Pop Educators and Parents Guide allows you or your Rett Girls teacher to further explain and teach the material.  This website and/or app can be used at home and at school.

Accessible Books by Bookshare:

Bookshare is an online library of books that was started to allow individuals with print disabilities the same access to books as the general population.  Members of Bookshare are able to download books, newspapers, and text books and then read them using assistive technology.  In order to utilize bookshare you must have a qualifying diagnosis.  Our Rett Girls qualify because more can't hold a book or turn a page.

Check with your Rett Girl's school to see if they already have a membership and can add your Rett Girl to it so she is able to access this awesome resource.  If your school does not have a membership, is not willing to get one or if you are home schooling your Rett Girl, Bookshare has received a grant and is now able to offer qualifying students in K-12 grade an individual membership free of charge.

Eye Gaze:

Weather you are thinking of starting eye gaze communication with your Rett Girl in this new year or if she has been using it for awhile and are looking for more ways to incorporate it at school and home we have lots of resources we can share with you!

  • PECS Starter Book: If you're short on time and resources this is a great book to snag.  It can be customized with symbols that you think are important for your Rett Girl and comes fully assembled and ready to use.  It's great as a low tech way of keeping communication consistent both at home, school and around town.  
  • DIY Eye Gaze Flip Frame:  If you've got a bit more time and are able to print your own symbols this is a great way to make your own Flip Frame.  You can make several to again, make communication consistent throughout your Rett Girls day.  If you like this flip frame but don't have the time to make it on your own you can also buy it HERE.  

Did your Rett Girl get a new iPad this Holiday season and you're wondering what apps to get and how to incorporate it into school?  Check out all of our iPad app and accessory recommendations HERE.  For more information you can go HERE for information from the "Appy Tyme" lecture given at the 2012 Rett World Congress by Susan Norwell, Judy Lariviere and Linda Burkhart.  

Happy New Year to all of our Rett Girls (and Boys!) and to all of our families.  We hope 2013 brings all of us health and happiness!  

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