Friday, November 30, 2012

There's a Chill in the Air!

Yep, we can feel it, it's starting to get colder!  And for those of us living in colder climates we know how bitter the winters can be.  Don't worry, Rett Girl is here to give you some ideas in keeping your girls nice and toasty even through the winter months.  

Lets start with the most logical place, our Rett Girls' ice cold feet.  Because many girls with Rett Syndrome have poor circulation their feet and even their legs can get very cold and even look blue or purple so it's very important that we do everything we can to keep them warm and comfortable.  While you are in the house check out these great Padraig Slippers!  They're made of wool and have leather on the bottom so they have a bit of a grip on floors.  Or, what about these cute Stompeez that are not only warm but may also be motivating.

When you're venturing out of the house it's even more important to keep those feet warm and toasty.  The EMU Australian Boot is one of the warmest boots on the market, and they are tall so they keep legs warm too.  They are made of suede and sheepskin so they are super comfy.  Or, how about these fuzzy fleece boots that can fit over AFO's.

If you are heading out for a quick trip and getting into a heated car this poncho may be a good option.  It has a hood so it will keep your Rett Girl warm but certainly not warm enough to be outside for any period of time.  Here is another link to ponchos made for girls in wheelchairs. It's especially nice for our girls that use elbow immobilizers.  For a little more time out in the cold try this ZeroXposur Skye Snowboard Jacket. This jacket is awesome, super warm and even has an elastic band where fingers go through to keep gloves and mittens on!

It can be really hard to get a glove or mitten on our girls' hands -- and really hard to keep it there! Try these mittens from Adaptations by Adrian! They have a style that is waterproof for our girls who like to chew on their gloves!

Remember when your girl was an infant and those wonderful buntings kept her warm in her infant carrier?  Guess what, they make them for big kids too!!  Super warm and snugly these great buntings have slits in the back that buckles and seat belts can go through and fit perfectly in oversized strollers or wheelchairs.

Don't forget the heated blanket!  We have 2 of these at our home and one at Grammy's house.  Heated blankets are perfect for warming up sheets and blankets so your Rett Girl doesn't get into a cold bed, or for warming up PJ's after the bath or just for snuggling up and watching a movie with.  A word of caution with heated blankets though, always make sure your Rett Girl is not over heating and never leave a heated blanket on your Rett Girl unattended (never leave on through the night).

We hope we've given you a few ideas for keeping your Rett Girl warm this winter, now it's your turn to share with us - what's your favorite cold weather product?

ps - these are also some pretty great Holiday gift ideas!!!