Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Everything iPad - Cases, Mounts, Holders, Switch Control, Apps

So for the past couple years Apple has taken the special needs community on an exciting ride with the iPad. An amazing tool that many of our special needs kiddos can use to play age appropriate games and learn new concepts. Many have even used it to find a voice for the first time.

This technology is amazing but there are LOTS of questions involved.  The first one being "Could MY Rett girl benefit from an iPad"?  A fantastic question since they aren't cheap and all kids are different.  This book may be a great place to start if you are here wondering about investing in the iPad.  It is $24.50 for the book or $9.99 for the Kindle or Nook version.
Once you decide an iPad is right for your Rett Girl you need to protect your investment with a great case. One that can be dropped because we all know it will be, one that has a screen protector and can with stand the occasional drool or spill.  A great choice is the GumDrop Case or The Big Grip.  Or another option that may be more economical is the Tabtoob

After finding the right case you now need a stand for your iPad.  Many of our Rett girls use them on their laps but for some that isn't possible. For watching a show, movie or reading a book, you definitely need a different angle.  Our suggestions are the Peeramid which can be used on a table, on a lap (it's nice and soft) or on the ground and can also double as a book stand.

There are also adjustable tablet holders, but before you get an adjustable tablet holder you first need an adjustable tablet mount.  Yes, confusing but RJ Cooper offers some great ones.  Head on over HERE for a mount and then HERE for the adjustable holder.  One thing you want to keep in mind when choosing a mount or holder is weather on not you will be using a case with it - some can NOT be used with cases so double check. 

You can use your iPad as entertainment in the car with this great car mount

Lastly, you may want some accessories for your iPad.  There are lots of great things you can get that will optimize your iPad.  One is a switch interface so your Rett Girl can use a switch to activate the iPad.  There are a few interfaces you can choose from and there are only certain apps that are switch compatible - all the information you need about using switches with you iPad can be found HERE.

Another great accessory if your Rett girl is able to head track is a head pointer that is compatible with an iPad or any tablet for that matter. 

With the Switchamajig you can use the iPad’s touch screen to control anything that’s switch-adapted. It opens up new possibilities for including people with disabilities in more and more activities, from cooking to chemistry class.  The Switchamajig Controller can work with switch-adapted power outlets to control kitchen utensils or anything else.

So hopefully this gets you well on your way to getting some great benefits from you iPad but if you're still looking for more resources check out this article "10 Ways to Optimize Your iPad for Kids with Special Needs" and our blog post with great app recommendations for our Rett Girls.  

If you have a great product or app you use with your iPad please let us know so we can share with our Rett community! Email bridget@rettgirl.org!

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