Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day!

Have you been on the Rett Girl Facebook page lately? If so then you'll remember that just a couple weeks ago we won a $500 donation from the Valentine Aardvark!

The story goes like this, the Valentine Aardvark is an Aardvark with special powers that visits children on Valentines Eve, bringing special gifts and treats to only those kids that have made special Valentines pouches for him to fill.

It is this special "pouch" idea that we revisit last years Valentines post about Say it with Symbols. Click on the link and then head to the Giving Greetings Site where you can click on Cards and then Valentine Symbols Note Cards.

Here you can find LOTS of great ideas for your Rett Girl. Order Special Valentines or if you already have Boardmaker then make some of your own. Use this site to order fantastic communication aids or to inspire you to create some of your own. Maybe have your Rett Girl put special valentines into the "pouches" of their family members or bring them to school for their classmates.

Have Fun and Happy Valentines Day!

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