Monday, November 21, 2011

RettGirl. We've Got that!

Good Day RettGirls!

Over the last week or so while viewing other Rett Syndrome Support Boards or while on Facebook I kept noticing a trend. Is it possible people really don't know about RettGirl?

Over and over I watched as people asked advice on what to get their daughter for the holiday. We've got that! Find a wonderful list and links to lists past by clicking on our Holiday Gift Ideas button on our Homepage.

Just moved to a major metropolitan area and are at a loss about where to find a Doctor or Clinic near you? Chances are we have that. Just click on Doctors/Therapists at the top of our Homepage.

It doesn't stop there - we have one click access to EVERYTHING Rett. Don't see what you need? Send us your question or info you would like to see! We want to keep everything organized and searchable so more families can learn from our Rett community.

We have tips from parents just like you.

We have product reviews on:











The list goes on and on.

Do you need ideas for apps for an iPAD? We have a button just for that where you will find
Link apps, accessories and more.

Would you like to see videos of our girls thriving and achieving? We have that!

What about a place just for school stuff where everything you need is all in one place?


Care Notes

Example IEP's?

From Constipation to Communication, we have all that and then some at!

Come visit us today and share with your friends, coworkers, and staff!

Have a great week everyone!

Terri V~For RettGirl

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