Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Caroline's Cart

Woo Hoo look at that!

I don't know about you, OK I do. Pushing a wheelchair while pulling a cart is like maneuvering a semi around a sharp corner in the store. Even for girls that can walk they sometimes tire easily.

The cart above is called Caroline's Cart. There is a movement in the US to try to get these carts in stores for the special needs community. Once again thought up by a parent of a child with multiple special needs.

No longer will we have to strap our children into those red and blue 2 seaters that don't hold them up. No pushing a wheelchair,pulling a cart and using your other 6 arms to shop.

I have been a royal pain in a certain popular chains you know what because I complain every time I come into their stores and the big blues are sitting outside in the 100 degree heat. Or left out and covered in rain. The best I have been able to do is to get them to slap a couple of handicapped stickers on 3 of them and park them next to the scooters inside the store. They work in a quick pinch but my back aches after I have had to push that big thing with one hand while holding Abby up with the other.

Having her facing you makes everything so much easier. My daughter can't stand facing away from me if she is in own chair or the big ones at the big chains. I think there is a sensory issue with the florescent lights, all the people and all the different colors and noises. This way she can focus on you or what she has with her.

We have added Caroline's Cart to RettGirl in our Product Reviews under Mobility. This is not an item you can just purchase but they do have ideas on how to get them into the stores you shop in.

For more information please visit:http://carolinescart.com/

Happy Shopping,

Terri V ~For RettGirl

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