Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beds by George

Good Day RettGirls!

This week at RettGirl.org we are featuring the hand crafted safety bed by Beds by George. You can find this gorgeous bed and more like it in our Product Reviews under Sleep!

This bed actually came to my attention when I first started by insurance fight for a safety bed for my own RettGirl. After several years of fighting insurance, I was finally presented with a well padded hospital bed that my now almost 7 year old is climbing or scooting out of. Even with 18-inch-high padding from head to toe, the best bed our insurance would pay for is NOT a safety bed.

The beds at Beds by George are absolutely gorgeous and custom made. They come in 2 styles with more choices than you can count.

Whether you choose one of the Dream series or Slumber series we think you will find these beds an awesome choice for a safety bed without that box or medical look of some other beds.


Testimonials from actual customers:

Guillarmo from California said, "It is gorgeous and doesn't have the institutional look...it looks, feels, and is solid. Thank you. I just can't stop looking at it. It is a work of art!"

Kathy from Maine said, "This is exactly what we have been looking for!"

Annabelle from Ohio said, "this is so beautiful."

Cindy from Indiana said, "the bed is working great! It is so sturdy...we could do an infomercial."


We have heard that the company is incredible to work with and they provide sample letters for insurance and funding sources.

Have a great week everyone and get some sleep!


TerriV~For RettGirl

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