Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Pool Pal Swim-Sters

Happy Summer RettGirls!

This week at the feature is My Pool Pal Swim-Sters - Special Needs swim diapers. You can find these swim diapers and more by visiting our Therapies category.

In the past few weeks I have taken my daughter swimming several times. She thinks she's a little fishy and it's hard to keep her out of a bathtub or pool if she spots one.

I have been struggling as of late to get the largest size, store-bought swim diaper on her. I had a friend who just happens to be a Rett mom with a little fishie of her own direct me to My Pool Pals and their line of Swim-Sters Diapers.

When we got home I asked my daughters OT where she thought I could find a larger, worth the price swim diaper. Her first response was,"There is this great special needs company called My Pool Pal."

I was pleased to find that My Pool Pal offers a whole line of disability swim products from infant to adult. That includes sized 6-8 - XXXL

The swim diapers come in disposable and reusable. The diposables can be washed and reused until soiled. The reusables are just that. A rep told me today that the children usually outgrow them before they outuse them.

They are also endorsed by Easter Seals and The World Waterpark Association!

From the company website:

Swim-sters special needs swim diapers are perfect for anyone who requires a diaper while swimming. Plus, since they are designed to be worn discreetly under a swimsuit while helping prevent harmful bacteria from entering the water, they are perfect for individuals with bowel incontinence. All of our special needs flotation swimsuits and special needs swim diapers are available in a wide variety of sizes, and can also be custom made for larger sizes and other specific needs.

Good luck and Happy Swimming to you all!

To order from My Pool Pal direct by phone call: 1-800-453-9399
order online through our link:

Terri V~ For RettGirl

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