Sunday, May 15, 2011

Large Elite™ Reclining Shower Chair

Good Day RettGirls!

This week at we are featuring the Large Elite™ Reclining Shower Chair!

You can find this wonderful back saver in our Product Reviews under Bath / Toileting!

I absolutely love this chair and wish I had known about it before I had our insurance pay for a non mobile one.

Recently, on a trip, I watched a family of a RettGirl lift her into this chair, roll her down the hall into the shower and roll her back to her room and slide her onto her bed. She is completely immobile, and this chair has been such a great thing for them and for her.

For those of you with girls that are getting too heavy to carry and have roll in showers this product is really worth it. My friends informed me that their insurance covered it completely and it only took a few weeks from order to home. Their daughter is 5'2" and 104 pounds. She was all smiles as she rolled back down the hall out of the shower! So great to see!

No more lifting from the bed, down the hall, then lowering into a tub or onto a seat just to repeat the process all over. Makes my back hurt just thinking about it!


From the Company Website:
NEW from Columbia Medical, the Elite™ Reclining Shower Chair Only is uniquely designed to maximize safety during bathing. Until now, caregivers and parents of children and adults with special needs have had to make up to as many as 4 or more transfers to get them from their beds to wheelchairs to bathtub and back again when bathing has been completed.

The Elite™ Reclining Shower Chair Only is a rolling shower chair frame that offers recline features for children with mild to more severe levels of physical involvement. The Elite™ Reclining Shower Chair Only offers an independently adjustable backrest and leg rest to improve positioning support for each individual that uses the bath chair. These features ensure proper positioning for even those with more severe physical involvement to be transferred directly from bed to bath chair.

The shower chair is small enough to roll through most standard doorways, making it easy to go from room to room with little effort.With its standard features, the small Elite™ bath transfer system is designed to offer optimal positioning support for children with mild to moderate levels of physical disabilities. Optional accessories can be added to increase support at the trunk, head, and lower body for children with more severe levels of physical involvement, too. The maximum weight capacity is 200 lbs. (91 kg). The small size is recommended for children up to 80” (200 cm) tall.


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