Sunday, March 6, 2011

Umbrella Holder!

Good Day RettGirls!

Spring is almost here and a wonderful RettMom from California has recommended this nifty Umbrella Holder for use with all wheelchairs and strollers! You can find this at in our Product Reviews under Travel/Camps and under our Tips!

Spring means rain for most of us in the country and we cannot wait to try this one out! I know it rains almost daily here from April to June and pushing a chair while holding an umbrella can be a task for sure! This Umbrella holder gives you a hand back! I cant tell you how many times my neighbors must have shaken their heads at me while they watched me trying to push my daughter with one arm over my head to the bus stop. I can think of several times where Ive tried to find a place to push it in by the handrails only to end up with a wire in my head!

How many times have you wished you would of thought of an umbrella when out in the hot sun when your girl needed some shade? No one grabs an umbrella when it's not raining. With this it will already be attached to her chair. Woo hoo! Loving it!

*cautionary note: keep hold of the wheelchair at all times when the umbrella is up in case the wind picks up!

From the company website:


The Paraplis Umbrella Holder for Wheelchair provides users with the ability to have an umbrella on them at all times, without the hassle of carrying it around. By simply attaching the Paraplis to any wheelchair, rollator, walker or even stroller, users are able to access their umbrella whenever needed.
Equipped with a two positioning buttons, the umbrella can be easily repositioned at any moment; when not in use, the Paraplis simply folds down the umbrella so that it is out of the way. The Paraplis can be used with virtually any type of umbrella and contains a rubber strip to avoid damage to the contact surface while also preventing unwanted movements of the umbrella. Purchase your Paraplis Umbrella Holder for Wheelchair today from ActiveForever!

Paraplis Umbrella Holder for Wheelchair Features:

Holds umbrellas, canes and other accessories
Great for wheelchairs, rollators, walkers and strollers
Quick and easy to install
Easily positioned at any angle
Umbrella does not need to be removed when not in use
Contains rubber strips to stabilize and prevent scratched surfaces
Can be used on any shape of bar (cylindrical, oval, etc)

Happy Travels RettGirls and families!

Terri V~ For RettGirl

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